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Joi, 24 Mai 2018
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ALUMINIUM - between legislative limitations and realistic requirements
Punct de vedere Publicat de Ovidiu Stefanescu 29 Mar 2016 08:18
As it were not enough the recession which caused a dramatic contraction regarding the demand of architectural aluminum systems, in this moment another blow prepares for this area, in fact, one of the less fortunate in the construction sector. It is about a legislative initiative in the field of fire protection which, if will take effect as proposed by the authorities, would be a real earthquake for system providers, including for those who sell profiles designated to execution of curtain walls. The major problem is that, without taking into account the rules established by international experts aimed rather to the characteristic of fire resistance (involving, as appropriate, requirements of load bearing, sealing and insulation), the domestic legislator put the accent on fire reaction, which almost puts suppliers in the situation to be unable to deliver constructive solutions to meet the new requirements. The new norm requires, for example, for glazing façades the class A1 in terms of reaction to fire (in this category being integrated products like concrete, bricks, glass etc.) which is absolutely unacceptable in terms of energy efficiency. This happens because, to be insulated, the aluminum systems include thermal barriers made from polyamide - an eminently flammable material. The above requirement would conduct to few possible solutions: one would be that of using parts without elements of disruption of thermal bridging (failing the provisions stipulated in the European directive EPBD) and the other would involve the protection of plastics by a fire protection shield (which would tremendously raise the costs, transforming curtain facades in architectural structures inaccessible in financial terms). The entire story is actually an aberration, similar to the show that surrounded the roof of the National Stadium. Also in that case was a long discussion on the assignment to a particular class of reaction to fire (burn without producing flashover). Finally, the authorities accepted that tests carried out by a notified body European Commission are sufficient throughout the Community, regardless of the country where the use of that material. But to us, Romanians, reinventing the wheel is already a national sport, and, apparently, the construction field is no exception.
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