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Sambata, 26 Mai 2018
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Joinery, statistics and exacerbated egos of the local managers
Punct de vedere Publicat de Ovidiu Stefanescu 24 Feb 2016 10:48
At the beginning of each year appears a normal question related to the way the thermal insulating joinery market has evolved. Such curiosity is justified especially in a country where the products in this category dominates the demand with a share which would arouses perplexity especially for those who are not familiar with such radical situation, regardless of the industry in which it manifests. Basically, businesses in the assemblies of PVC aggregate an overwhelming share of the market, hence the interest of competitors to find out detailed information about the sales amount, the evolution of distribution, export shares, investment details etc. is justified. All data can be obtained exclusively from direct sources - namely the producers of insulating, the statistics in the field being irrelevant or having a marginal impact because of the dishonest manner in which are made the declarations about imports or the controversial way in which the reports of domestic production of systems are made. Romanian producers of windows and doors can be classified into two groups, depending on how they are willing to communicate data (otherwise, basic information not connected with strategies whose disclosure could jeopardize the existence of company) - namely: managers who show a certain openness and provide more or less relevant answers and those who don’t do this, for the subjective or objective reasons. The first class is divided in the category of respondents that provide general data without responding specifically to questions (possessing language skills of varying degrees of sophistication, which may or may not conceal the intention to bypass the response) and a very open-minded guys who have the ability to provide trenchant opinions. So far, everything seems acceptable, by combining the information gathered and apply specific criteria of extrapolation being able to deduce, with an acceptable degree of accuracy, if not pragmatic reality, at least some market development trends. Unfortunately, there is a second category that can be called the one of „secrecy” which has an adverse effect on any attempts of a correct analysis.
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