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Sambata, 26 Mai 2018
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P118 - from an incomplete form to the contradictory one
Punct de vedere Publicat de Ovidiu Stefanescu 31 Mar 2016 08:24
It has been more than a half of year after the fire tragedy at the club "Colectiv" and the effects of that event still exists at a level which could not be suspected at the baseline. The problem is that these consequences are not necessarily beneficial, affecting - perhaps through ignorance or bad faith - whole industries such as, for example, the construction sector. Public authorities in a ridiculous effort try to "do justice" and to impose some absurd rules and regulations for fire protection, not covered by any international law, either ASTM DIN, ISO, GOST etc. In this context, some brave "fire experts" of whom nobody heard have proposals which, if it wouldn’t have tragic effects, should arouse great hilarity. Such an approach should be strongly discouraged, otherwise there is a risk - fortunately, only this – to be ridiculed by the entire world. This assertion can be considered valid because the authorities in charge of drafting the document shouldn’t have even for a second the illusion that the eventual adoption of the law in its present form will be accepted by European Commission. The reason is the lack of harmonization with EU legislation (not to use the harsh phrase of obvious contradiction), whether it is about the curtain walls standard SR EN 13830, European regulation of the marketing of construction products adopted including Romania as the Law no. 305/2011, EN 14351-1 standard titled "Windows and external pedestrian without resistance to fire and/or smoke leakage". It seems, however, that the proponents of the amended norm P118 has a trace of technical skill, since, inexplicably, the structure is lacking any explicit reference to windows or joinery, rather preferred the term more loosely and, anyway, not determined with precision, of "perimeter closing”. Basically, the proposed norm tries a theatrical effect of softening the decor, in the naive hope that nobody will notice the obvious discrepancies.
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