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Marti, 20 Octombrie 2020
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KLAES: „Our strategy is focused on digitize the business”
Furnizori de sisteme Publicat de Ovidiu Stefanescu 14 Oct 2020 14:57
Klaes is a leading company in the field of software for joinery, having sales representatives in more than 20 countries. At the beginning of the current year, the company faced, first in China and later in other Asian countries, a significant dropdown in sales. By contrast, European countries recorded a much smaller effect in this respect, because the construction market is still very strong in most regions of the continent. Bernhard Hambrugge Export Manager, Horst Klaes GmbH & Co. KG. offers detailed information about current situation of company and short term outlook.
- What do you feel about the market evolution in this complex context?
- At the moment, window producers are very busy, generally speaking. Moreover, we feel that professional window producers are looking for solutions to digitize their business. And that´s exactly where Klaes has a huge expertise, given its huge range of solutions.
- Did you launch new products in the last period?
- One of our newest solution is an augmented reality software designated to virtually present conservatories (wintergardens), façades and sunroofs to customers. To explain, first you build a conservatory or façade with our Klaes 3D solution. Then you visualize it with the augmented reality software in a fast and very easy way. The software enables the customer to see the conservatory or new windows at his house before they are built. The beneficiary can even walk into the conservatory to take a look from the inside of the construction. This is a tool which makes sales much easier.
- Who are the main clients you have in Romania?
- We are offering IT solutions for every company, regardless its size. Most of our partners are from the PVC or wood windows business. Moreover, our Klaes 3D solution is designed for customers producing curtain walls or conservatories.
- How did you manage the Covid-19 pandemic?
- The current pandemic changed our way of working. Today we communicate via web meetings and present our solutions via MS Teams, Zoom or Join me. It doesn´t matter anymore where someone is located or if someone is using his home as office. One benefit is constituted by cutting the travelling which leads to cost reduction and to some kind of a effective working. Our company was on a good level of digitization before Covid-19 started. A CRM-system is in place and all employees have access to it. Additional we are using ELO digital office. We scan and digitize all documents so that they are available in the system whenever and wherever need. We are ELO digital office dealer too so that our customers can buy this solution + services at Klaes. During Covid-19 a lot of our customers asked for this solution and we feel a higher demand for Klaes eProd. It´s our paperless productions system with a full digitize way of working in the production.
- What are the prospects for your field on short, medium and long term?
-Our strategy is focused on digitize the business. We are supporting our customers to use Klaes for all areas of their business and using interfaces if another software is necessary. Our target must be to put an information only one time in a system and to have it available wherever it´s needed.
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