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Sambata, 16 Octombrie 2021
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SIMONSWERK: Quality hinges demand is increasing in South-East Europe
Furnizori de sisteme Publicat de Ovidiu Stefanescu 06 Dec 2018 05:53
Being one of the most well-known manufacturers in the field of hinge systems, Simonswerk can only afford to offer the highest quality standards to its clients. This principle applies to the personal commitment, the raw materials used and production technology. The German company is constantly striving to be one step ahead the competition and to develop today the products for tomorrow. Along with its customers, the company implements new ideas off the ground and turn the visions into reality. This philosophy is ultimately reflected by the products. At Simonswerk, this means perfection, right from the start. The promise quality starts with the selection of raw materials. The use of high-quality resources maximizes the design freedom and opens-up many and varied options for surface refinement and corrosion protection. State-of-the-art production techniques and perfectly matched workflows in production increase the flexibility. To archive this, an in-house construction department creates tools to ensure a great precision in production. Quality assurance is not just about carrying out checks, but it also means continuous improvement and ongoing development. Material tests and quality inspections are carried out in close collaboration with test institutes. They include fire protection and smoke protection tests, tests to verify burglar resistance and soundproofing as well as endurance tests compliant with CE directives. Last, but not least, the company's location at Rheda-Wiedenbrück in East Westphalia makes an essential contribution to ensuring that the company's "Made in Germany" promise quality will continue to be genuinely. About of all these subjects Michael Ohle, sales manager responsible for South-Eastern Europe, will refer as follows, emphasizing the involvement of the Simonswerk team in the strengthening the market position in this part of the continent.
- How would you describe the current evolution of the company you are representing in the region of South-East Europe?
- We steadfastly followed our path of growth during the last year. As the market leader in the field of innovative hinge technology for residential, commercial and entrance doors, we expect a further increase for 2018, especially in the international markets. We are confident that we will achieve the targeted goals with a "hot autumn” in terms of sales. Namely, the markets in Italy, Poland, the Czech Republic and the USA developed positively in the period under review.
- Offer details about the main elements of your development strategy regarding the Eastern Europe region. Do you intend to consolidate your presence in this area?
- Our growing client base and the development of forward-looking client-oriented products allow us to reinforce our position as solution-oriented market leader in hinge technology, and to strengthen and advance Simonswerk regional presence with our own field staff in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania. This is a strategy established on long term. We aim to enhance the performance of our products and further differentiate in this way from the competition.
- What are the measures you intend to implement to fortify your market quota?
- Modern production technology is one of the indispensable requirements of an internationally operating company, as well as perfectly interlocking processes. In 2018, we planned to modernize our engineering systems. This is the starting point both for innovative and individual solutions and for on-going optimization of existing products, to strengthen our market position and to find the fastest route to the customer, based on the help of our experienced, service-orientated sales organization.
- Which are the most advanced products in the company portfolio and how big do you estimate it will be their success on the market?
- The completely concealed and adjustable hinge system TECTUS is a constantly evolving product family. The newest member is TECTUS Glass. The new solution for glass doors from Simonswerk does not only include the TECTUS Glass hinge system but also, as an alternative to the usual components on the market, a magnetic closure and handle variants. The special feature meaning that the entire assembly requires no glass processing. And one thing always stays the same, no matter which closure or which handle the customer chooses: the unique minimalist appearance.
- What horizon of expectations do you have regarding the evolution of European doors industry, generally speaking?
- One can observe that until ten years ago, a large part of the doors was finished in veneer, but today the proportion of white lacquered doors is much larger. This is due to that - in general terms - the demand for quality and the requirements for interior design have grown. The architecture and its interiors are becoming even more minimalistic. The furnishing including the construction details such as switches, sockets, strips and frames follow this development, to which Simonswerk also responds. It is noticeable that a greatly reduced design has found its way into many households, which in turn leads to reduced and flush-fitting door design.
- Nominate several elements you consider appropriate to give a momentum to the demand for quality products.
- Our efforts are rewarded by the market: in South Eastern Europe the requirements with respect to the quality of hinge systems are steadily increasing - and thus also the demand for Simonswerk products. Keywords like durability, reliability, load capacity and design are becoming more important. More and more customers want quality and insist even on more. In the past, it was enough to offer good quality products, today it's about services, communication and creativity. This includes, for example, the further development of our proven PRODUCT SELECTOR. With this tool, the customer has all the information - about the hinges and hinge systems from Simonswerk - available at an extensive scale.
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