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Sambata, 16 Octombrie 2021
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WINKHAUS seems to be on a very good path again in 2021
Furnizori de sisteme Publicat de Ovidiu Stefanescu 05 Oct 2021 06:49
Winkhaus has earned the confidence of customers with innovative products and competent service for over 160 years. Window manufacturers and vendors, architects, builders, and final users worldwide value the diversified services and the high quality of the intelligent window technology, door locking systems and access management promoted by the German group. Clemens Mors, Managing Director, Winkhaus Austria GmbH, offers detalis about the company activity in the last period.
- How did evolve the hardware systems market in 2020 in Romania and at the EU level as against previous year? 
- The 2020 Covid lockdowns affected our local customer support, as well as the sales revenues. Many promising talks came to a hold for a while, as producers had to close down their productions. As the end of the year developed unexpectedly well again, the gap wasn’t bad and could be easily closed with other markets. 
- Mention the revenues for the last fiscal year and the prognosis for the current one. 
- Despite pandemic related problems, the European construction industries have developed quite strong in both, 2020 and in 2021. A loss in sales in early 2020 was quickly compensated and we seem to be on a very good way again this year, much in line with rather positive expectations. As exporting producers are looking onto a booming European market though, they are now harmed by a lack of material and strongly rising prices wherever they look. 
- How do you manage to adapt to the disruptions generated by crisis? 
- This is the worst problem that we currently have. We’re all fighting hard to get our raw material, our semi-finished parts, and any other item on time. Major shortages in steel, uPVC and other basics are colliding with an unusually high order income, that is asking more from us than we ever could expect for 2021. Purchasing prices are partly more than doubling and we can’t pass all of that to the markets. From this point we can only thank our customers for their patience and trust they have. We’re sure that it’s getting better again next year. 
- What are the prospects considering the new market reality where the accent is put on quality, digitalization, security, energy efficiency etc.?
- As mentioned above, Covid-19, material shortages or rising prices are currently throwing a shade on all other topics. Everyone is just glad to make a good product, to perform and to help his customer wherever he can. Of course, the crisis has shown us new ways to do our job and we’ll make use of that in future, too. Product wise, we’re of course looking into a more digital world, the IoT that is just paving its way into the windows and door industry. But security, thermal insulation and comfort are still on top of what we need to provide in our field. 
- Offer details about the new products and services you intend to launch at Fensterbau/Frontale 2022. 
- The preparation for the next show is just in full swing. Though we’re all looking forward to be back after four years and get in touch with our friends and partners, we’re still a bit scared about how many of them will really start to travel again and come to Nuremberg. Yet, we can promise that we will have a bunch of new things to see for all of those who will be there next year.
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