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Joi, 24 Iunie 2021
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SISECAM FLAT GLASS, a leader in the European float glass industry
PREMIILE EURO-FEREASTRA Publicat de Ovidiu Stefanescu 30 Iun 2016 11:41
The ceremony which followed the works of the International Conference on Joinery and Curtain Walls Systems EURO - edition 2016 occasioned award an EURO FEREASTRA trophy on the "Reliable Brands category to Sisecam Flat Glass Company - part of group Sisecam, from Turkey. Awarding this distinction was justified by the company's accelerated development in recent years, when the development at European level took place on an accelerated basis. Through continuous growth of the product portfolio, achieved by improving existing solutions and propose new ones, the company managed to convince many manufacturers of insulating glass units to use its systems. In these circumstances, the Sisecam brand has experienced an unprecedented boom and managed to ensure thus achieving one of the priorities of the development strategy at the group level that provides, among other things, placing in the world top of architectural glass suppliers both through the quantitative prism and the performance of the promoted models.
More transparent buildings with increasing safety requirements
With global warming, the energy conservation and environmental awareness have become priority issues in the world. In European , over 40% of all energy is consumed in buildings. By the year 2020, EU has committed to cut around 300 million tons of CO2 emissions annually by saving energy in residential and non-residential building. Making new and existing buildings as energy efficient as possible will make significant strides towards meeting the EU’s goals. In this context, “Glass wall” concept creates more transparent buildings with increasing safety requirements. The green building certification systems require buildings with natural light, maximum heat and solar control that results more energy saving. As a global manufacturer, Sisecam Flat Glass has production plants in nine different countries including Turkey, Bulgaria, Russia, Romania and Germany. According to its production capacity, the company ranks among the top five flat glass companies in the world and top two companies in Europe. Sisecam Flat Glass developed energy efficient products to fulfill latest architectural trends considering the environment and safety requirements without compromising on natural light.
Heat losses reduced by 50% compared to traditional IGU
Low-E glass is specially treated with a microscopically thin, virtually invisible transparent coating on one surface. The coating reflects heat back into the building, thereby reducing the heat loss through the window. It also reduces the heat transfer from the warm (inner) pane of glass to the cooler (outer) pane, thus further lowering the amount of heat that escapes from the window. The properties of Low-E insulating glazing enable it to be a net contributor of energy in buildings. Sisecam Low-E Glass and Sisecam Temperable Low-E Glass reduce heat loss from windows by 50% compared to traditional IG unit. Therefore effective heat insulation in winter is provided and heating expenses are reduced. These products eliminate cold spots in winter and heat inside the room is radiated equally. Sisecam Solar Control Low-E Glass and Sisecam Temperable Solar Control Low-E Glass can transmit substantial amounts of daylight while significantly minimizing solar heat transmission. More daylight means less artificial lighting is needed inside the building, reducing utility costs and making the environment more pleasant for those living inside. Better solar control in summer reduces air-conditioning costs, while better thermal performance in winter reduces heating costs. They also reduce UV transmission which causes fabrics to fade and have a neutral appearance close to clear float glass. These products eliminate cold spots in winter and hot spots in summer close to windows.
Innovative solutions for all kind of architectural purposes
Sisecam Temperable Solar Control Low-E Glass offers best solution for commercial buildings and conservatories where security is required, enabling toughening, heat strengthening, laminating and enameling after the coating process.    
•       Neutral 71/43; ensures to benefit from maximum daylight in projects such as residential, villas and store front glazing where transparency and low reflectivity are required; also reduces solar energy transmission by 40% compared to ordinary Insulating Glass Unit and decreases cooling expenses.
•       Neutral 62/44; is preferred in houses and education complexes where high light transmittance is needed.
•       Neutral 50/33; provides solutions for green building certified (LEED and BREEAM) projects such as offices, hotels and hospitals where optimum daylight transmission and efficient solar control are necessary.
•       Neutral 41/27; is preferred in skylights or warm climate areas where daylight control and more efficient solar protection are required.
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