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fensterbau/frontale (NürnbergMesse GmbH)

fensterbau/frontale (NürnbergMesse GmbH)

Adresa: Messezentrum 90471, Nürnberg, Judet Germania
Telefon: +49 (0) 9 11. 86 06-0
Fax: +49 (0) 9 11. 86 06-82 28
Web site: www.frontale.de
Domenii: Furnizori de servicii
Descriere activitate
Targ international pentru ferestre, usi si fatade.
Prezentare companie/institutie
FENSTERBAU/FRONTALE is irreplaceable for fenestration industry
Elke Harreiß
Position/Company: Director of Fensterbau/Frontale.
Fensterbau/Frontale remains a true benchmark for the international windows, doors and façade industry, even if in the last two pandemic years the iconic trade fair from Nurnberg - Germany suffered because of the restriction imposed by federal authorities. Before of above-mentioned events, no one would have believed that an event of such magnitude will be canceled by a virus. Nowadays, step by step the normality enters into force and with it also the exhibition customs. The Bavarian trade fair makes no exception and resumes its history, trying to compensate the gap of four years from the last edition. The reload of old habits is difficult because a lot of things changed lately, and even if the Covid-19 is almost overcome, there are some sequelae which still affect the human life. Speaking of Fensterbau/Frontale, the organizers are optimistic, betting on a huge success of the unique summer edition of the trade fair, where, even in the absence of few important suppliers who decided is too risky to join this year event, there are registered a lot of exhibitors eager to show their innovations. Also, the public interest, especially the professional one, formed by producers, architects, designers etc. is quite big, which represents the most important ingredient for the event success. In the following, Elke Harreiß, director of Fensterbau/Frontale, offer details about the current edition of the trade fair.
- Which are the main targets established for Fensterbau/Frontale 2022 edition, having in view the current problems generated by sanitary crisis and by war in Ukraine?
- We are designing Fensterbau/Frontale 2022 as a "Summer Edition" with the tried and tested mix of exhibition and trade program. For example, there will as usual be around 80 presentations within the framework of various forums and other program items, which can be found at frontale.de/programme. We are pleased to see every individual exhibitor who is standing by Fensterbau/Frontale as the meeting place for the industry in these difficult times and showing confidence in the ability of NurnbergMesse to successfully hold an exhibition even in unusual circumstances. One thing the recent global developments you mentioned have shown us is that the usual scales are no longer valid at times such as these, and that we all have to demonstrate a lot of patience and flexibility. But what we feel nevertheless is the need to find out about trends and innovations, to try out machines and tools, and to discuss current topics such as rising energy costs, material shortages or price increases with industry colleagues is high. Valuable chance encounters and spontaneous brainstorming sessions from which business ideas and cooperation emerge - all this is only available live and in person!
- How would you characterize the impact of this event on the international joinery market, given the fact that some of the usual partners of the event will miss this year?
- In this special year, the trade fair will again represent a cross-section of the window, door and façade industry, but on a more compact scale than usual. Around two months before the start of the exhibition, more than 340 companies from 28 countries have registered, 60% of which are international. For those who prepare to visit the trade fair, we recommend using our exhibitor and product database at frontale.de/exhibitors-products, where the visitors can filter by product innovations or simply by range of products and services, make direct appointments for stand discussions at the fair and put interesting companies on the personal watch list. By the way, the same applies to our extensive lecture program. All items on the watch list can be accessed on site with the app, which facilitates orientation in the halls.
- What improvement you made in terms of organization to prevent problems and to comply with sanitary security requests.
- Our goal is to create a framework for our customers in which networking and business can take place with peace of mind - from person to person. Since 3 April 2022, our events are no longer subject to official Corona requirements or access restrictions. We have adapted our on-site protective measures to the current situation and continue to offer a safe framework for business with ventilation, increased cleaning intervals and disinfectant dispensers. General protective and hygienic measures remain recommended on a voluntary basis, in particular maintaining the minimum distance, wearing medical face masks as well as hand hygiene, precautionary and regular self-testing and coronavirus vaccination. FFP2 masks are still mandatory in public transport in Germany. We will stay tuned for our customers and partners, and provide them with continuously updated information on our website.
- Do you intend to apply further developments in the future, given the current trend of digitization?
- At the unique "Summer Edition" of Fensterbau/Frontale, the focus will be on discovering and trying out products and solutions, when the trade fair finally once again becomes a platform for those industry participants for whom making new business contacts, personal encounters and networking are irreplaceable. Nevertheless, we will offer some program content in live stream and on demand in the aftermath, as it is not possible for some target groups to attend the fair - after all, we are still in the middle of the pandemic in many countries. The livestream will be available during the fair at live.frontale.de. There, for example, the Fensterbau/Frontale Forum will be broadcast live from Hall 4A, and other program contents such as the Guided Tours to the innovation highlights of this year's fair or the Forum "A practical guide to digitization for craftspeople" will be recorded and made available. This is also a great opportunity for all those who perhaps only visited the fair on one day and were therefore unable to experience all program points live.
- What do you think will happen after all these problems will be solved? Will regain the famous trade fair in Nurnberg its past reputation of the main platform for communication and for launching new products in the fenestration sector?
- Fensterbau/Frontale is the only meeting place in the world for the sector that presents innovations from all product and solution areas of window, door and façade construction in their entirety. It is possibly to learn about latest trends and new products in a compact way on 4 days, chance meetings are taking place and you can make new business contacts, and quickly and comprehensively compare products. Here at NurnbergMesse we are confident because our trade fair restart in Germany was a real success. The good participation of exhibitors and visitors has shown us that trade fairs continue to be irreplaceable for the business success of our customers. This trend is currently continuing with trade fairs taking place again all over Germany and being well received by their sectors. The trade fair industry is visibly regaining its footing. The window, door and façade industries need their global meeting place, and that’s why we stay optimistic, because there is just no way to substitute personal encounters and trying out products live.
(articol aparut in revista Fereastra, editia Iunie/Iulie 2022)

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